What is handmade soap and how is it made?
Soap has a very long history. Soap has been used by people for thousands of years. Soap made bei oil, lye (NaOH, sodium hydroxide) and water. When the three components are mixed together with the right proportion, soap is created. Thus, homemade soap can be used safely and easily.  
Advantages of my soaps:

 - I use only vegetable oils, NO animal fat and palm oil.
 - I use NO chemicals and no preservatives
 - Only food colors are used
 - All raw materials are purchased in Switzerland 
 - Very natural Handmade Product
 - My soaps are ideal as gifts (family, friends, wedding, Christmas) etc. 

I use the cold process to produce soap. This is a better manufacturing process because it means less loss of food ingredients.
The handmade soap needs to be stored for 1-3 months or even longer before it can be used as soap. Thus, virtually soap is unique. 

Application / Storage:
The handmade soap can be rubbed in the hand to enhance the lather. Handmade soap is rather soft and should be stored dry and rather cool.

If you get soap in your eyes, it may sting a bit and should be washed out with clean water. If you have any particular allergies, please contact us before buying / using so that we can give you ideal advice.

Now I wish you much pleasure with my soaps!